Sunday, May 10, 2009

100 Tips for Improving Your Creativity

My BrainReactions challenge 100 Tips for Improving Your Creativity has reached 100 ideas! I've memorised my favourite ones and I'm thinking of ways to categorise the suggestions. Maybe the two main categories would be: techniques you can use to create ideas now, and attitudes/behaviours you can adopt to develop your creativity in the long term?

I've got another one to add: at the moment I'm into an intensive exercise regime. Immediately after I've finished exercising I start brainstorming for ideas. The ideas are flowing at the moment using this approach. It's also worth keeping a pen and paper handy because I think of ideas during exercise too.

Looking at this approach from a broader perspective I reckon there must be many benefits to be had from generating ideas in different mind states. For example, I like to write jokes, and I've found that I come up with more ideas after I've faced a fear or have been concentrating intensely for a long period of time.