Tuesday, November 06, 2018

A to Z of useful words.

I've been collecting useful words for many years. That is, words that appear to be key when thinking about a subject, and thus lead to the listing of the most useful information. I've (just about) managed to squeeze them into an alphabet where every letter of the alphabet represents one of the useful words. Here they are:

A: Action.
B: Belief.
C: Cause. (As in something that causes an event. Or a trigger.)
D: Duration. (Any period of time or one specific time.)
E: Event.
F. Feeling. (Or emotion.)
G. Goal. (Or purpose, objective, etc.)
H. Helpful thought. (and positive thoughts. And pros, if listing pros and cons.)
I. Idea.
J. Juncture. (A specific moment in time.)
K. Key-fact.
L. Liver. (Bit of a squeeze; anything that's alive, but usually a person.)
M. Milieu. (Another squeeze. Basically a situation or a scenario.)
N. Negative, unhelpful thought. (Or con, if listing pros and cons.)
O. Object. (As in a tangible object.)
P. Problem.
Q. Question or quibble. (The questions are any question that may arise about a subject. The quibbles are attacks, challenges etc.)
R. Result. (Or consequence.)
S. Solution. (As in the solution to a problem.)
T. The Big Picture. (Or The Whole Affair. Or The Story So Far.)
U. Utterance.
V. A Place. (Another squeeze. I think of the V as representing an arrow that points to a place.)
W. Words. (Or body of words. Ranging from single words up to books etc.)
X. Mistake. (The X represents the crossing out of a mistake.)
Y. Decision. (The stem of the Y representing a direction of thought and the "V" part representing options available, thus a decision.)
Z. Zoom to the future. (Expectations.)

Using the words.

Say the subject is London.

I'll use the format: Name London X

and select a random letter for the X. So Q for quibble would give:

Name a London quibble.

Possibilities: Too much rubbish. Too much pollution. Travel is expensive. Etc.

Another example:

Name a London milieu (situation, scenario):

Possibilities: The New Years Eve celebrations. Crowding on the tube. The Queen's birthday celebrations. Terror attacks. Etc.


I like to use two of the words in combination.


Name a London KZ =  Name a London key-fact expectation.

Possibility: If I research London I'll find lots of interesting facts I didn't know.

Example 2:

Name a London ER = event result.

Possibilities: Winner of the FA Cup. Spectators' ratings of the 2012 Olympics. The role of the London Marathon in motivating people to keep fit. Etc.

The Pangram

I pick the random letters from the following pangram:

The five boxing wizards jump quickly.

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