Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ing-est: another technique for listing information about a subject

If I am considering a subject the ing-est technique is a quick technique for directing attention and listing information. With this technique I spot an action that is occurring to the highest degree.

For example, say my creative subject is: the Olympics. I use the format:

What's (action) est?

I choose an action - say, blowing, and insert that into the format thus:

What's blowing-est?

Which means: what is blowing the most?

Possible answers: the Olympic flame, flags, the wind, the javelin as it flies through the air, etc.


I can also use the method to list people. This time my question takes the format:

Who's (action) est?

So, with the Olympics example, I can choose an action and insert this in the format:

Who's shouting-est?

Possible answers: a patriotic fan, a coach, an athlete shouting as they win an event etc.

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