Thursday, July 13, 2006

Project: name five hundred uses for a paperclip

I've been meaning to get this project started and blog about it for some time. The project is based on the classic brainstorming/creativity challenge "Name as many uses for a paperclip as possible". The purpose of this project is to find the most productive ways to create and find uses for the paperclip, explore how focus switching and changing of perspective can occur and, of course, find five hundred uses for a paperclip.

Looking at the uses for a paperclip there are the usual offerings : a toothpick, a bookmark, a hair pin, a key ring, a nail cleaner etc. But I also want to look into how focus-switching and changing of perspective can occur. I mean the kind of focus-switching that can lead to these considerations and ideas:

Start a 'Name a million uses for a paperclip' blog
Contact paperclip manufacturers and ask them for inventive uses
Find more uses by Googling "uses for a paperclip"
Ask other bloggers to post about the challenge on their blogs

Feel free to contribute any uses or new perspectives on the problem.


Anonymous said...

ear cleaner
cd draw opener
tv antenna (many hooked together)
curtain hook
temporary zipper handle
bookmark (analog book that is)

more to come
I love this project.

John said...

Hi Darryl.

Yes please, keep them coming! In the near future I will start a post that lists all the uses. I will also be looking to create systematic methods that use each suggestion to generate yet more ideas.

Anonymous said...

- Close a switch by shorting its two ends.
- Creating music by dropping a ton of paper clips on a metal surface that rings.
- A way to scratch off the stuff that covers scratch cards.

Anonymous said...

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Jasmine said...

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